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Episode 33: Podsafe!

Blogged by Ian Levenstein as Uncategorized — Ian Levenstein Thu 27 Apr 2006 11:05 pm

Hey there geeks of all ages, genders, and sizes! It’s time for Geekspeak Episode 33. This episode was recorded on Thursday, April 27th at the Brooklyn College Radio Studio. Topics discussed include:

  • Product Review: Zen Vision M
  • Tired of Firefox’s memory leak? Well here’s a kinda solution for you.
  • Will Firefox overtake IE? This guy says yes, and soon! Is he right? You never know…
  • The “Destroy IE” campaign has begun! Rawr?
  • GBA and a Portable DVD Player! It can happen, and it will happen!
  • EA has to pay their workers for their overtime. Poor EA, and hooray for sarcasm!
  • Movie Review: Silent Hill
  • Adult Swim better not get Saved by any Bells again, or poppa spank!
  • The Wind Up: Where did the Rangers go, and who is this team playing in their uniforms?

This is the first episode I’ve done that won’t potentially get me sued! Huzzah! Thanks to the Podshow Podsafe Network, Anamanaguchi, and OC Remix for their generous donations, and I hope you like what you heard!

If you did like what you heard or even if you didn’t, you can drop me a line at speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, or over at the Geekspeak Forums. And don’t forget to vote over at Podcast Alley as well.

Before I go, I just wanted to make a quick mention that Christopher Neseman has been gracious enough to invite me onto Episode 15 of The Around Comics Podcast, which will be focusing upon company men in comics. Give it a listen, and make sure to listen to their previous podcasts as well.

Until then and until next Geekspeak, thanks as always for downloading!

Episode 32: A day with the Marv!

Blogged by Ian Levenstein as Uncategorized — Ian Levenstein Tue 18 Apr 2006 1:30 am

Episode 32 of Geekspeak is here, and it is a treat indeed. I am joined by the original host of Geekspeak before its days as a podcast, Marvin John! Marvin has his own podcast focused upon gaming known as Red Shift that just got started up a few weeks back. This episode was recorded on Thursday, April 13th 2006 at the campus of Brooklyn College. Topics discussed include:

  • Hey kids, it’s Marvin John!
  • A reminder about the Geekspeak opening contest.
  • Marvin shares his thoughts on a story covered on Episode 30. Does he think gamers are nympho chain smoking alcoholics? HINT: Nope.
  • A PSOne Emulator for the PSP arrives soon. Is this the interface? Sweet, sweet nostalgia…
  • Goldeneye will likely NOT end up on X-Box Live Arcade. D’oh!
  • Mom and Pops are cheating you out of next-gen systems all in the name of cash. Big shock there.
  • Marvin and I discuss Boot Camp and what it might do for gamers.
  • The “real” video iPod has been delayed. No, not Real Video. That would be messed up.
  • Thoughts on IE7, and why Marvin is addicted to World of Warcraft.
  • The Wind-Up: The Nets have stopped winning. START WINNING AGAIN!!

Many thanks to Marvin for joining me for this episode, as it was a lot of fun. Felt like old times all over again. And make sure to check out Red Shift, it’s a lot of fun, and nice and informative. You can e-mail your thoughts on this or any other episodes at speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, and Podcast Alley voting can be done right at this convenient location.

Geekspeak will be back at its regular Thursday release schedule next Thursday, as I enjoy a lovely week up in Southport, Maine for Spring Break. Until then, thanks as always for downloading!

Geekspeak 31: The Impromptu Showcase Spotlight!

Blogged by Ian Levenstein as Uncategorized — Ian Levenstein Thu 13 Apr 2006 2:36 pm

Hey folks! This one was unexpected to say the least. I was unable to record an interview I had planned with Doug Barrett of Pop Culture Shock Therapy, so I went to the backup plan: Gizmo! Gizmo is a Skype alternative that allows you to talk to folks far and wide over the internet via your connection, and a microphone. It also allows for nicely integrated recording, and so this is what we got instead. Christopher Neseman of The Around Comics Podcast, and Jon “Wally” Weilbaecher, otherwise known as Brodie_Baggins on the Comic Geek Speak forums, join me for a Showcase Spotlight focusing upon forums! We talk the dos and don’t of forum life, how to pimp your forum appropiately without pissing people off, and also how to ease to transition onto a new forum. We also talk some comics at the end of the show, as well as what geek name we would choose to have, after finding out that a real life Optimus Prime exists out there. And he has a girlfriend!

Apologies in advance for any technical glitches, as this was the first time I gave Gizmo a shot for an episode. Wally’s microphone was a bit low, so I had to amp it up, which led to some background noise. His words are still easy to hear, but bear with us on that.

Anyway, that’s really all I’ve got for you for now. You can send your comments on the show to speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, and you can vote for Geekspeak on Podcast Alley right over here.

One quick programming reminder, Episode 32 of Geekspeak will be released either late Monday or early Tuesday, as I will be away for the week, and still want to put an episode out there for everybody. So go ahead and check out the feed on Tuesday and you’ll find Episode 32. Until then, thanks for downloading!

Download Geekspeak Episode 31: Showcase Spotlight #4 – Forums

Geekspeak: 30 episode strong, and groooowing!

Blogged by Ian Levenstein as Uncategorized — Ian Levenstein Thu 6 Apr 2006 10:55 pm

Episode 30 arrives! This milestone episode of Geekspeak is filled with all the new you’ve come to expect, and all the rantings and ravings you’ve come to expect too. This episode was recorded on Thursday, April 6th 2006 at the campus of Brooklyn College. Topics discussed include:

E-mails can be sent to speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, and Podcast Alley is a click away. Enjoy, and thanks for downloading!

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