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Geekspeak Report – Episode 3

Blogged by speakgeekspeak as Uncategorized — speakgeekspeak Sun 30 Dec 2007 4:13 am

Episode 3 of the Geekspeak Report is here! Brent Kossina, my regular co-host of Comic Timing, stops by to assist in the selection process for the upcoming Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge! After the names are randomly picked out of his hat, we talk plenty of geek news and reviews, including:

We will return in January with the first of the Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge episodes. If you want to comment on this or anything else, e-mail us at speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, or you can visit the The Comic Forums to post your thoughts.

Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and welcome back to The Geekspeak Report!

It is coming…

Blogged by speakgeekspeak as Uncategorized — speakgeekspeak Mon 17 Dec 2007 4:11 pm

For those who are not listening to Comic Timing, here is the news. Listen to the file enclosed, and you shall know…there is a return coming. The Geekspeak Report. January 2008. New shows, new segments…new co-host! The Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge is coming.

Within the next week, I will be holding a special episode, where a neutral party (Brent) will choose the order of which people will appear on the show. The contestants are as follows:

1. marvelouspatric
2. RadioWayne
3. The Yanni
4. thomalo
5. number6

Once all 5 have had their show, the voting will commence. There might also be a show here or there where I have others on to express their opinions of the co-hosts, things that could be improved, things they liked, and so on.

Let the games begin in 2008. Be there, and enjoy!

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