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CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Episode 11 CBL: The Digital Ribbon of Podcasts

An episode fraught with Internet issues the guys start with helping Harold with some computer issues before talking about the Steam Sale and Chad rambles on about of some DC Zero issues, two books from the upstart comic company Marvel, V for Vendetta, and we once again talk about Stephanie Brown. Mike talks about Hickman’s Avengers and claims to have spent some time as Captain Universe. Bill talks Locke and Key , Manhattan Projects, helps Chad troubleshoot some Comixology problems, and talks about Gotham Central. Harold talks about Justice League: Generations and DC Holiday Specials. The show wraps up with more video game talk and Super Hexagon. All business ideas contained in this recording are trademark pending…

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Episode 10: DC hates Spoiler

Welcome to Comic Book Laundry, now syndicated on the Comic Timing feed!

The guys (Chad, Bill, Mike, and Harold) are back to the usual format…and are back to being behind on their books.  The guys talk Underwater Welder, Locke & Key, Marvel Ultimates,  old DC universe & why DC hates Stephanie Brown. A failed intervention for Chad, and Mike tells us the time he ate a comic book. How could be an episode of CBL with out talking about Craftsman Bolt-On Saves the Justice League and some Rob Liefeld?

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Syndicated Episode – EMX: Episode 5 Redneck Dr Doom

The following was originally released as Episode 5 of the EMX Podcast, which is one of the many podcasts on the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast feed! Here’s the full information straight from the horse’s mouth:

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we cover the X-Men books of March 2013. Featuring guest hosts Ian and Brent from Comic Timing

Age of Apocalypse #13
All-New X-Men #8-9
Cable and X-Force #5-6
Savage Wolverine #3
Uncanny X-Force #3
Uncanny X-Men #3
Wolverine #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #26-27
X-Factor #253
X-Men Legacy #7
X-Treme X-Men #12
X-Termination #1

Comic Timing Podcast



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Syndicated Episode: Raging Bullets #234 – Batman Inc.

In this syndicated episode Ian and Brent guest on Raging Bullets to talk about Batman Inc! Check out the second part of this crossover later in the week when we talk about David Finch’s The Dark Knight!

Check out Raging Bullets at


Episode 234: Batman Incorporated !!!:
Comic Timing’s Ian Levenstein and Brent Kossina join us for a
discussion on Batman Incorporated #1 and the changing world of Batman.  Sean and Jim also take a look at Batmn #704
and Batwoman #0. Listener Voicemails return with the Final in a series of
catchup episodes! We aired the rest.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening,,,, our ongoing contest (,,, , show voicemail line
1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.
3:55 Batman 704
49:35 Batwoman 0
1:15:45 Batman and DCU discussion
with Comic Timing, heavy focus on Batman Inc #1
3:00:45 Listener

3:50:10 Show Closing (Hawkman
song by friends of the show “Wednesday Heroes”)

Crossover: Geeks Unite 71

Just a note to go over to Geeks Unite Network and check out Ian and Raph on GUN 71 talking about the last 3 years of their podcast experience. 

Listen to it: HERE

Note:  CT 100 part Deux promised today, 101 on Friday, and two BK’s Bullets next week!

EDIT: Here’s the episode for you guys as well!

Syndication: The Sporting Goods – Episode 3

This is a syndicated version of Episode 66 of the Geeks Unite Network. In this episode, Ian and Raph talk about the MLB Season, Football and two minute drill of course! So listen in, and enjoy!

Sources: ESPN, The Sporting News


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Sydicated Episode – CBP: SDCC Podcasting Panel 09

The following episode was originally released as an episode of The Comic Book Page Podcast. Here we go, it’s the All-Stars of Comics Podcasting Panel, recorded live at San Diego Comic Con! Here, Jimmy Aquino (Comics News Insider), Charlito (Indie Spinner Rack), Brian “Pants” Christman (Comic Geek Speak), Bob Bretall (Comic Book Page) and Ron Richards (iFanboy) discuss all things podcasting! Why do we do it? How do we do it? What comics do we read? How do we go about interviews? Learn all that and more, right here! And once again, big thanks to John Mayo for recording the panel.

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Until next time, thanks for listening, and thanks for downloading! Episode 93 will be out later this week, followed by the SDCC wrap-up in Episode 94.

Syndication: The Sporting Goods – Episode 2

This is a syndicated episode of Comic Timing, rebroadcasting this week’s episode of The Sporting Goods. The Sporting Goods is a sports show on the Geeks Unite Network, where Ian and the Raph-radia gab about it all. This time, Ian and Raph sit down and discuss the ongoing A-Rod saga, Spring Training for the Mets and Yankees, and some fantasy Baseball strategy. Oh, and there’s some football talk… it’s BASEBALL TIME! Screw you, NCAA!!

Sources: ESPN, The Sporting News


Ian Levenstein:

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Comic Timing Syndication: Geeks Unite Episode 8

This is part 1 of a crossover between Geeks Unite! and Comic Timing. In this part, Juan, Raph, Brent and I go through the movies that came out this past summer. Spoilers all over the place for a bunch of summer movies, such as The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, Bourne Ultimatum, and I go on a rant on Daddy Day Camp. Plus a few other movies here and there. Part two will be out later this week, as the crew goes over the best and worst comic books of this past summer. See you there!

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Comic Timing Syndication – Podcasting: One Year Later Panel

This is the Podcasting: One Year Later panel that was conducted on Thursday at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con. On the panel were myself, John Mayo of Comic Book Page, John Towry of Comic Talk Cafe, Mr. Phil of Indie Spinner Rack, Josh from iFanboy, Scott Hinze of Fanboy Radio, and Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider. The panel was moderated by Vito Delsante, a freelance writer for DC Comics and manager of Jim Hanleys Universe in New York.

I boosted the volume of the recording as high as it could go without sounding too distorted, so I hope you are able to hear it all without trouble. The panel was plenty of fun, and I certainly want to thank my fellow panelists for the great time. Our wrap-up of San Diego Comic-Con will be released in another day or two, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and hope to talk to you folks soon!