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CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Spin Cycle Episode 3 NYCC 13

Better Late then Never:

Mike and Bill talk about Bill’s NYCC experience and news from the weekend.

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Top 5 Favorite Cartoons

The guys are joined by Bruce Rosenberger as they discuss their favorite cartoons. They also play “guess the Cartoon Theme Song” …So grab a seat in front of your television, grab a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal and enjoy…

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – This Should Be Fun to Edit!

In this exciting episode the guys run the spectrum of comics from DC Comics (Death of the Family books, Justice League titles), Marvel digital unlimited reads, Vertigo,Image and some indie books. Before hoping into some video game talk Chad attempts to play “Do You Know Your DC Characters?” with Harold, Mike and Bill. Finally Bill and Mike wrap up the show after some technical difficulties with some Kickstarter talk.

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Episode 12 Welcome to Angry and AwkwardCast…I’mma Let You Finish!

The guys try a new format starting of with some comic talk which includes some Vertigo books, Comixology Sales, a bit of old DC Universe (Generation Lost), Marvels, The Twelve, Transformers (IDW), and Atomic Robo. Next up the guys discuss Superman Vs. The Elite and Justice League: DOOM. The show wraps up with an impromptu game of name that NES Video Game song and Mike and Harold talk about some Computer Games they have been playing.

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Episode 11 CBL: The Digital Ribbon of Podcasts

An episode fraught with Internet issues the guys start with helping Harold with some computer issues before talking about the Steam Sale and Chad rambles on about of some DC Zero issues, two books from the upstart comic company Marvel, V for Vendetta, and we once again talk about Stephanie Brown. Mike talks about Hickman’s Avengers and claims to have spent some time as Captain Universe. Bill talks Locke and Key , Manhattan Projects, helps Chad troubleshoot some Comixology problems, and talks about Gotham Central. Harold talks about Justice League: Generations and DC Holiday Specials. The show wraps up with more video game talk and Super Hexagon. All business ideas contained in this recording are trademark pending…

CT Syndicated: Comic Book Laundry – Episode 10: DC hates Spoiler

Welcome to Comic Book Laundry, now syndicated on the Comic Timing feed!

The guys (Chad, Bill, Mike, and Harold) are back to the usual format…and are back to being behind on their books.  The guys talk Underwater Welder, Locke & Key, Marvel Ultimates,  old DC universe & why DC hates Stephanie Brown. A failed intervention for Chad, and Mike tells us the time he ate a comic book. How could be an episode of CBL with out talking about Craftsman Bolt-On Saves the Justice League and some Rob Liefeld?

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