Comic Timing – Episode 154


Let’s go, bub! This episode of Comic Timing is dedicated entirely to the X-Men! Sean Whelan and Jim Segulin of the Raging Bullets Podcast join Ian as they discuss their early introductions to the franchise, some of their favorite runs and creators, X-Men: The Animated Series, the evolution of Wolverine as a character, the X-Men movie franchise leading up to Days of Future Past, Days of Future Past the storyline, The Phoenix Saga and how it has been presented across multiple mediums, and more! Yup, the entire X-Men franchise in under two hours. Now THAT’S what I call a Memorial Day weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Comic Timing – Episode 154”

  1. A bit of a late respose, but I’ve just listened to this episode and wanted to give props for the Scott Lobdell praise. I hear people slag of the 90’s X-Men constantly but I always thought that Lobdell’s work was top notch and had such a great sense of continuity without losing any kenetic energy to the stories. His run on Gen X with Bachelo was fantastic too!

  2. Happy to heap on the praise, Guy! Lobdell and Nicieza did some terrific cleanup work back in the 90’s. They took what was handed to them, and rolled with it.

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