Comic Timing – Episode 128: The NYCC Interviews

It took a while but here we are: ALL the interviews that were conducted at New York Comic Con. Here’s a full list from beginning to end in order of appearance:

  • Charlie Spickler – Marie’s Zero Gravity Bar and Grill
  • John Dalliare – colorist, Age of Bronze
  • Megan Duffield – Silver Circle
  • John Hazard – creator, Frankenstein Superstar
  • Dominic Sparano and Patrick J. Reilly – Pronto Comics
  • James Asmus – writer, Generation Hope, co-writer, Captain America & Bucky
  • Merik Tadros – creator, River Jordan: A Graphic Novel
  • Elliot Pacini – writer and letterer, Temporal
  • Jim Segulin – co-host, Raging Bullets
  • Patrick Meaney – director, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts
  • Juan DeJesus – Ghost of Comic Timing Past
  • Raph Soohoo – writer, Midtown Comics Blog, sometimes a podcaster
  • Adrian Hunter – creator, Clone Platoon, podcaster, The Mean Geek
  • Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos – Kirby Krackle
  • Bill Walko – creator, The Hero Business
  • Brian Miller – author, How I Became a Super Villain
  • Julian Lytle – creator, Ants, Longboxes on 22s, Ignorant Bliss Podcast
  • David Price and Jason Wood – 11 O’Clock Comics
  • James Mascia – creator, High School Heroes
  • Darrell Taylor – media mogul, The Taylor Network
  • Linda Maglionico – Moxie Comics
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido – writer, Farscape Ongoing Series, novelist, podcaster, The Chronic Rift, Dead Kitchen Radio
  • Bill English, Caroline English, Jessice Gentile – Friends and a sister of one of the friends of Comic Timing
  • David Petersen – creator, Mouse Guard, covers, IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Ben Christian, Cory Smith (_corysmith_ on Twitter) – creators, The Independents (and Charlie Sheen meets Deadpool)
  • Donny Salvo – co-host, PKD Media Blackbox, Tales From The Attic
  • Brandon Christopher – Phillies fan
  • Julian Lytle – AGAIN!
  • J.K. Woodward – artist, Fallen Angel, Everlast
  • Darrell Taylor – delusions of grandeur
  • Umar – podcaster, Dafixer’s Hideout
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