Comic Timing – Episode 11

Here you go folks, it’s another exciting episode of Comic Timing. This week, Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties, Con Artists, and Geebas on Parade joins David and I to discuss the web comic community, what it’s like being both in the world of comic books and comic strips, and plenty of funny anecdotes and stories too. A warning that this episode is chock full of mature content, so please don’t let children download this one. Also apologies for the file size ad the lack of editing on this one, as I am currently out of town and away from my usual equipment, so I had to put this one together pretty quickly.

Also a reminder that Comic Timing has new feeds. The new Feedburner feed is and here is a link to our new spot on iTunes. The old Feedburner feed will remain active for another month or so, so please make the switch over. As always, you can e-mail us over at, and don’t forget to vote for Comic Timing on Podcast Alley.

Next week’s episode may be out a few days later than usual as I will be out of town until next Tuesday, but we should still be able to find the time to record at one point or another. Until then, enjoy and thanks for listening.

Comic Timing – Episode 10B

Here we are, it’s the second part of our 10th episode mega show! Sean Whelan of Raging Bullets, and Vince Bonavoglia of the Comic Geek Speak Forums join David and I as we go in depth on the ending of Infinite Crisis. Did it succeed in its attempt to be one of the greatest stories in the history of DC Comics? Are there things we would have liked to turn out differently? Should characters have lived who died, and died who lived? How obvious was it that _______ had lost his powers in issue 7? And most importantly…did it deliver on all that it promised to deliver in issue 1 by the time issue 7 came around? A warning that SPOILERS for Infinite Crisis are ahead, so if you’re one of the 2 people who have not read it yet (I keed, I keed), you may want to skip this one.

Vince has his take, which is significantly different than what Sean felt about things, while David and I take our sides as well. This was was plenty of fun, and altogether, Episode 10 is in my opinion our best episode yet. I also would like you folks to comment on the sound quality if you can, as I made some adjustments on which filters I use post production so that we all sounds close to the same level. As always, you can e-mail Comic Timing over at, and don’t forget to vote over at Podcast Alley.

Also a reminder about our contest. The deadline for iTunes art submissions will be August 8th. Winners will receive mini X-Men 3 posters, compliments of Wally “Brodie Baggins” Weilbaecher. And speaking of iTunes, I’m in contact with Apple on resetting my feeds so that the iTunes subscription problems will be solved soon. Until then, please subscribe to Comic Timing via the Feedburner feed at for now.

Thanks for downloading folks, and we’ll see you next week.

Comic Timing – Episode 10A: Let the celebration begin

Comic Timing has reached its first milestone episode: Episode 10! When we started this podcast, I had no idea what to expect when we first started doing this podcast. Whether people would listen to it, whether we would continue doing it, etc. Well, now that Episode 10 is here, I just have to thank all of our fans for sticking with us, and we hope to be around for plenty more episodes to come! Also huge thanks to Tobey for getting David and I together in the first place, and for David for hopping on board and becoming my right hand man. Great job guys.

To celebrate Episode 10, we’ll be releasing a two parter, hence the 10A here. For both parts, David and I are joined by none other than Sean Whelan of The Raging Bullets Podcast, and Vince Bonavoglia, otherwise known to Comic Geek Speak and Comic Timing forum goers as VinceB. In this part, we discuss team books: What are our favorites, who is our favorite team book writer and artist, some teams we want to see return, our favorite team book lineups, and so on and so forth. Sean and Vince give plenty of great insight here, and I think it might be one of our best episodes yet. Episode 10B will be a followup episode to the last time Sean was on, as we go in depth into the ending of Infinite Crisis, and get our varying takes on whether or not the ending lived up to the hype now that some time has passed for us to reflect on it (and now that David has read it too). Episode 10B will be released on our regular release day of Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, so that gives everybody plenty of time to catch up on 9 and 10A, and to listen to some Raging Bullets too.

You can send all your questions and comments to, and don’t forget to vote for us (and Raging Bullets) over at Podcast Alley! Our forums are located over at the Comic Geek Speak forums, and I want to thank Bryan and the gang for hosting us.

Until Tuesday, enjoy the show, and enjoy your comics.

Comic Timing – Episode 9: Bag and Board It

Hey there folks. It’s time for another episode of Comic Timing, and this time it’s something a bit different than the usual. Today, David and I give our first ever “Bag and Board It!” reviews. These reviews are similar to what we did for “Buy It, Trade It, Quarter Bin,” only this time they’re further in depth, and are all books we would recommend to others. Here’s what we review on today’s episode:


  • Cobb Off the Leash
  • Wonder Woman #1
  • New Avengers: Volume 1
  • Ian

  • Teenagers From Mars
  • Wolverine #41
  • Strangetown #1
  • Just a heads up, there are ever so slight spoilers inside of the review of Wonder Woman #1 and New Avengers Vol 1, but nothing that would ruin any surprises ahead of time. As always, you can e-mail us over at, and don’t forget to vote for us over at Podcast Alley!

    A program reminder than Episode 10 should be out sometime this week, probably on Thursday, and it will be split into two parts due to the length of it. Episode 10A will be released on Thursday or Friday, and expect 10B by Sunday or Monday. Also, don’t forget about our new contest. The deadline for all art submissions will be August 8th, so get crackin’! And one final reminder that our first ever “22 Pages” will be Annihilation #1. The DCBS info we gave on the show is no longer accurate as the new month is now in full swing, but if you e-mail, you should be able to add it to your order as a late addition. If not, here are some other places where you can find Annihilation #1: Silver Bullet Comics, and Bang Crash Boom! has it for 50% off! And of course, you can get it at your local shop as well.

    Enjoy the episode folks, and talk to you soon.

    Comic Timing – Episode 8

    Just when you you thought we were gone we beat the odds. Comic Timing is back from its vacation, and we are back with a bang, as we have our first return guest. Amy Liff, aka Little Witch, join David and I as we discuss why we buy comics. Is it because of the artist, the character, the writer, a little bit of each, or something more than that? We get in depth on that topic, as well as reading the forum’s opinions on this issue. Thanks to Lobo, mguy1977, CaptainCanuck, anubis, and miscatonic for contributing.

    Episode 9 will be released either on Friday or Saturday, and will be an all review episode, so make sure to stay tuned for that. Until then, enjoy.

    Comic Timing – Episode 7

    Ian, David, Braxton, episode 7 is here! Today, Braxton Harrison joins us to discuss the MoCCA Festival, and the ever present trades vs. floppies debate. Lots of fun to be had, and Braxton is a wonderful guest to have!

    As always, the e-mail address is, vote for us on Podcast Alley if you have the time, and enjoy the episode!

    Episode 8 should hopefully be out next week, if not then in two weeks. All depends on our recording schedule. See you folks then!

    Comic Timing – Episode 6

    Here you go everybody, it is time for Episode 6 of Comic Timing. This episode has some changes, as Tobey Cook (not Cooke), departs the show. We will all miss him, but the show must go on. This week David and I are joined by Wally Weilbaecher as we discuss X-Men The Last Stand! We also touch on Ed McGuiness going to Marvel, the continuation of Manhunter for at least five more issues, and Phoenix: War Song.

    You can e-mail us over at, and you can vote for us over at Podcast Alley if you like. Also, please check out our forums, courtesy of Comic Geek Speak. Thanks guys.

    Enjoy, and see you all next week.

    Comic Timing – Episode 4: Now with More Little Witch

    Well, Episode 4 of Comic Timing finally shows itself, and what a show we have for you today! Due to mic issues Tobey could not join us, but instead, we are graced by the presence of the Queen of CGS Land, Amy Liff! David, Amy, and myself discuss recent goings on in comics, specifically the cancellation of the popular Dan Slott title The Thing, and Spider-Girl by Tom DeFalco. We also get into our likes and dislikes at our local Comics Book Shops, as well as our Buy It, Trade It, and Quarter Bins of the week. And finally, we read our first e-mail, which comes courtesy of Chris from Canada (eh).

    As always, you can e-mail Comic Timing at, and please vote for us over at Podcast Alley.

    We’ll be back next with another episode, as I will be at Anime Boston from Friday til Sunday. Until then, thanks for listening, and come on back next Comic Timing.

    Comic Timing – Episode 3B

    The second half of our crossover with Raging Bullets is here! This time around we get more in depth with 52 and the One Year Later titles. You can e-mail us at, and you can viote for us on Podcast Alley if you would like. Enjoy, and thanks again to Sean and Jim for joining us.

    Comic Timing – Episode 3A: The Raging Bullets Crossover

    Well, it has finally arrived. Episode 3A is here, and it is a doozy. Today we are joined by Sean and Jim from The Raging Bullets Podcast for some Infinite Crisis conversation! We cover IC #7 and the series as a whole, the first issue of 52, One Year Later, and a whole lot more. A warning that this episode does contain SPOILERS for IC and IC related materials, so please shy away if you have not read these issues and wish to remain spoiler-free.

    Episode 3B will be released on Friday and will have the second half of the crossover, as here was plenty to talk about here! Of course, you can e-mail any questions or comments to, and do not forget to vote for Comic Timing on Podcast Alley.

    Thanks again to Sean and Jim, and thanks to everybody for listening. See you folks on Friday.