Comic Timing – Episode 3A: The Raging Bullets Crossover

Well, it has finally arrived. Episode 3A is here, and it is a doozy. Today we are joined by Sean and Jim from The Raging Bullets Podcast for some Infinite Crisis conversation! We cover IC #7 and the series as a whole, the first issue of 52, One Year Later, and a whole lot more. A warning that this episode does contain SPOILERS for IC and IC related materials, so please shy away if you have not read these issues and wish to remain spoiler-free.

Episode 3B will be released on Friday and will have the second half of the crossover, as here was plenty to talk about here! Of course, you can e-mail any questions or comments to, and do not forget to vote for Comic Timing on Podcast Alley.

Thanks again to Sean and Jim, and thanks to everybody for listening. See you folks on Friday.

Comic Timing – Episode 2B

Episode 2B of Coming Timing is now here for your consumption. In this episode, Tobey, David and I discuss our favorite comic book characters, how much writers and artists effect our opinions on said characters, and some characters that have fallen out of favor over the years. Hope you folks enjoy it.

E-mail can be sent to, and don’t forget about voting over at Podcast Alley.

Until Tuesday, seeya.

Comic Timing – Episode 2A

Here we go folks, time for a brand new episode of Comic Timing! We’re still working on the format for the show, so pardon our dust as we try to figure out exactly what works. Also, there was a slight technical problem on this episode. The recording lagged a bit, so there are certain moments where it will seem as if I am reading Tobey and David’s minds with my answers and comments. Apologies for this, but I do not think it takes away from the episode too much in the long run. We are going to be releasing two episodes a week now, one on Tuesday and one on Friday, hence the 2A. This episode features some news items of the week, and our take on Free Comic Book Day.

Of course, you can e-mail us at, and please vote for us over at Podcast Alley.

Enjoy the episode, and see you all on Friday.

Comic Timing – Episode 1

Well it took a bit of effort, but Episode 1 of Comic Timing is now live! The regular crew of Tobey Cook, David Price, and Ian Levenstein gather together to talk the latest in comic book news, hold their own little Queer Eye For the Comic Book Guy focusing on superhero outfits good and bad, and give you their Buy It, Trade It, or Quarter Bin of the week.

Shownotes are forthcoming, so check back to this space soon for all the links to whatever was discussed in Episode 1. You can send questions, show suggestions, audio comments, and answers to, and the Comic Timing forums are now up and running over at The Comic Geek Speak Forums.

I hope everybody enjoys this episode, and I hope you decide to come on back for more next week.