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Comic Timing – Episode 132 : Comic Time(ing)!

Hey there folks!  It’s Comic Time!  This episode is just Ian and Brent talking about what they like reading now, Ian’s experience at the PAX East convention, and Digital Comics Galore!

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BKs Bullets: Invincible

Brand spanking new addition to the Comic Timing Family! Well, sort of. Depends how you look at it really, as technically the Flash episode was released a while back, but hey, technicality on that one. For those who do not know, Brent puts out a segment for Raging Bullets called BKs Bulets, where he reviews something DC related, whether it be comic book or media, in about 15-30 minutes. Well, Brent is taking BKs Bullets and expanding upon it, so any non-DC related material will be released here! This time, he goes through the 1st volume of Invincible, Robert Kirkman’s Image creator owned title that began the Kirkmanverse.

Give us your thoughts on this episode on the forums, and thanks for listening! Oh, and thanks to Brent for choosing Comic Timing.