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Comic Timing Episode 100: Part 2

Here we go folks, it’s Episode 100 Part 2! This time, we double the size of the panel…by doubling the amount of panels! Vince B. and Jason Wood from 11 O’Clock Comics stop by for segment for their take on Iconic Characters in Comics, while Raph Soohoo of Geeks Unite! and Angela from 2 People Talking are in for segment two. Sanity leaves when they arrive, by the way, just as a warning. Plus, more Lost Moments in Comic Timing History, including one with the guys who were on last episode, the Raging Bullets crew!

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Comic Timing – Episode 10B

Here we are, it’s the second part of our 10th episode mega show! Sean Whelan of Raging Bullets, and Vince Bonavoglia of the Comic Geek Speak Forums join David and I as we go in depth on the ending of Infinite Crisis. Did it succeed in its attempt to be one of the greatest stories in the history of DC Comics? Are there things we would have liked to turn out differently? Should characters have lived who died, and died who lived? How obvious was it that _______ had lost his powers in issue 7? And most importantly…did it deliver on all that it promised to deliver in issue 1 by the time issue 7 came around? A warning that SPOILERS for Infinite Crisis are ahead, so if you’re one of the 2 people who have not read it yet (I keed, I keed), you may want to skip this one.

Vince has his take, which is significantly different than what Sean felt about things, while David and I take our sides as well. This was was plenty of fun, and altogether, Episode 10 is in my opinion our best episode yet. I also would like you folks to comment on the sound quality if you can, as I made some adjustments on which filters I use post production so that we all sounds close to the same level. As always, you can e-mail Comic Timing over at comictiming@gmail.com, and don’t forget to vote over at Podcast Alley.

Also a reminder about our contest. The deadline for iTunes art submissions will be August 8th. Winners will receive mini X-Men 3 posters, compliments of Wally “Brodie Baggins” Weilbaecher. And speaking of iTunes, I’m in contact with Apple on resetting my feeds so that the iTunes subscription problems will be solved soon. Until then, please subscribe to Comic Timing via the Feedburner feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ComicTiming for now.

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Comic Timing – Episode 10A: Let the celebration begin

Comic Timing has reached its first milestone episode: Episode 10! When we started this podcast, I had no idea what to expect when we first started doing this podcast. Whether people would listen to it, whether we would continue doing it, etc. Well, now that Episode 10 is here, I just have to thank all of our fans for sticking with us, and we hope to be around for plenty more episodes to come! Also huge thanks to Tobey for getting David and I together in the first place, and for David for hopping on board and becoming my right hand man. Great job guys.

To celebrate Episode 10, we’ll be releasing a two parter, hence the 10A here. For both parts, David and I are joined by none other than Sean Whelan of The Raging Bullets Podcast, and Vince Bonavoglia, otherwise known to Comic Geek Speak and Comic Timing forum goers as VinceB. In this part, we discuss team books: What are our favorites, who is our favorite team book writer and artist, some teams we want to see return, our favorite team book lineups, and so on and so forth. Sean and Vince give plenty of great insight here, and I think it might be one of our best episodes yet. Episode 10B will be a followup episode to the last time Sean was on, as we go in depth into the ending of Infinite Crisis, and get our varying takes on whether or not the ending lived up to the hype now that some time has passed for us to reflect on it (and now that David has read it too). Episode 10B will be released on our regular release day of Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, so that gives everybody plenty of time to catch up on 9 and 10A, and to listen to some Raging Bullets too.

You can send all your questions and comments to comictiming@gmail.com, and don’t forget to vote for us (and Raging Bullets) over at Podcast Alley! Our forums are located over at the Comic Geek Speak forums, and I want to thank Bryan and the gang for hosting us.

Until Tuesday, enjoy the show, and enjoy your comics.