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Drink a round, Episode 21 is here!

Blogged by Ian Levenstein as Uncategorized — Ian Levenstein Thu 9 Feb 2006 10:10 pm

Hey all. Episode 21 is nice and finished, and it’s ready to be released. Want it? If you do, that’s cool and all. This episode of Geekspeak was recorded on Thursday, February 9th, 2006 at the Brooklyn College Radio Studio. Topics discussed include:

  • Popular software with lax security, including AIM and Adobe products! Looks like Trillian or GAIM might be the place to turn now more than ever.
  • RIP Robo doggie. We hardly knew ye.
  • Myspace: The Movie is the funniest thing since funny. And it’s oddly close to truth too…
  • IE7 Beta 2 is out. Should we even care at this point?
  • The Karma Sutra Worm was a bust. Ah well. Mint?
  • Halo 2 for the PC…Vista Only? Riot on the streets of Geekdom!
  • The new Super Mario Bros. DS game approaches, and I am salvating already.
  • A comic book debate: Browsing vs. the pull list.
  • The Wind Up: Wayne Gretzky might not be the Golden Boy he was believed to be. New Black Sox scandal anyone?

This episode was a lot of fun to put together, mostly because nearly all of the stories I covered on today’s show I received at the last minute. I do my best work at the last possible second, so I hope everybody enjoys this particular episode a whole lot. As always, you can e-mail comments and questions and hate mail to speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, and Podcast Alley is a good place to vote for Geekspeak. Really, it is! You should try it. They have cake (not really).

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Those of you who have off for Important President’s Birthday #1, enjoy the three day weekend, and thanks as always for downloading!

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