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Comic Timing Episode 100: Part 2

Here we go folks, it’s Episode 100 Part 2! This time, we double the size of the panel…by doubling the amount of panels! Vince B. and Jason Wood from 11 O’Clock Comics stop by for segment for their take on Iconic Characters in Comics, while Raph Soohoo of Geeks Unite! and Angela from 2 People Talking are in for segment two. Sanity leaves when they arrive, by the way, just as a warning. Plus, more Lost Moments in Comic Timing History, including one with the guys who were on last episode, the Raging Bullets crew!

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Comic Timing – Episode 12

Well, episode 12 of Comic Timing has finally arrived, and it is a whopper at that! Derek Coward of The Deliberate Noise Network of podcasts join David and I for a nice hour and 40 minutes of discussion on comic books of the 1990’s. We specifically look into Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld, and whether or not they deserve the blame most people give them for the eventual fall of the speculator era of comics. Are there others to blame? Are there certain aspects of 1990’s comic books we would like to see back in comics today? Comic companies we go into incluse Valiant, Malibu, Milestone, Marvel, DC, Image, Acclaim, and a whole lot more.

The feed to Comic Book Noise can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/DeliberateNoiseSpecialEditions

As always, you can e-mail Comic Timing at comictiming@gmail.com, and don’t forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. A reminder that our contest to design Comic Timing iTunes art’s deadline is fast approaching! The deadline is Auguest 8th, so if you have anything for us, pelase post it on the forum or e-mail it to us (or both). And one last reminder that Annihilation #1, our first ever 22 Pages Review, will be released next Wednesday to comic shops. So pick it up, post your comments, and expect a review of the book about two weeks after its release.

Thanks again to Derek for joining us, and we’ll see you folks next week for a Wizard World Chicago wrapup by our own David Price, and possibly somebody else you all know. Ciao.