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Comic Timing Extra Point – Episode 15: Comics, Changes and Criticism


Things are happening! Time to catch you guys up with an Extra Point. This episode focuses on changes in Ian’s life and, subsequently, how he collects comics. Time to go completely digital. There’s also a little bit of discussion on Star Trek: Beyond and how it blew expectations out of the water, how fans should give it a rest with their attempt to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, Vito Delsante‘s Kickstarter for Stray: The Ongoing Series, Jamal Igle’s label for this year’s Brooklyn Brewery Defender IPA, and a lot more. Tons of stuff jam-packed into a half hour of content!

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Thanks again for listening, and we’ll catch you next time!

Editorial: Media Shouldn’t Be A Chore


Hey, guys. Comic Timing is in between episodes at this point, so I figured I’d post an editorial to keep things going a bit til the next one is out. First off, welcome to 2016. I hope 2015 treated you well, and that 2016 is even better. As the calendar turns over again, and as I get another month older (my next birthday is later this month, like it always is), I’m at a point in my entertainment consumption where I no longer want to watch things for the sake of watching them, or read comics just because they’re comics and I’m a comic book reader. Forget all that.

Thanks to the success of comic book movies and TV shows, we’re at a point in geek culture where there is an absolute wealth of content available at our fingertips. At any particular moment, you can turn on a network and they could be showing a film that belongs to Marvel, DC, or otherwise. Same can be said for what’s available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, PSN, and so on. Doesn’t mean they’re all good, but they’re out there. Over the past few months, there have been some of these movies and shows that have completely wowed me. Others haven’t. Anybody who listens to the show, specifically our latest TV catch-up episode, knows that I’m about a half season behind on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I watched the season premiere and it just didn’t do it for me; the show has just barely been scratching my Marvel itch since its inception, other than a terrific arc apiece in Seasons 1 and 2. Supergirl is another one I’ve had trouble getting into. It’s made for the lowest common denominator, like most CBS shows, meaning that the tone is light and peppy to try and appeal to young and old alike. And that’s awesome! I’m really happy to see it on the air, and that girls and boys alike have a new role model to look up to. But after a strong pilot, the next few episodes fell flat for me story-wise. It felt like the show desperately needed depth. And so I haven’t caught up. Yet here I am, having finished Jessica Jones in just a few weeks time, I’ve watched just about the whole season of the One-Punch Man Anime over the past few days, and I’m just about day and date with The Flash and Arrow when those air.

And then there’s comics themselves. Over the past year, a bunch of my physical collection has been sold off to Wildpig Comics, and my monthly ordering has dropped off substantially. I’m about a month or two away from switching entirely digital to serve my needs, as with that there’s a lot less stuff waiting around to be read and taking up space. Monthly DC Comics aren’t hitting it for me, and Marvel Comics I read, but not right away. Yet I cannot wait to read the next volume of Saga, or the Multiversity Deluxe Hardcover I received for Chirstmukkah this holiday season. Others are up to date and loving everything as it comes out, and that’s okay. But it seems my habits and tastes are changing there too.

On the movie front, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War has me wanting to line up to watch it at the very earliest possible moment. But, shock of shocks, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t cutting it. Star Wars: The Force Awakens made me feel like a kid again, but I’m worried that Star Trek Beyond might make me feel the complete opposite. And you know what? That’s okay too.

Call it getting older, being crotchety, pivoting, or whatever you want to call it. But I don’t want any of my hobbies to become a chore. I’m planning on treating these shows, movies, and books just like I treat podcasting: the minute I stop having fun is the minute it’s time to do something else. The wealth of options currently available to us all allows me to respond to somebody who says, “Hey! You’re a comic book fan! You must love __________!” with, “Not really, doesn’t do it for me. But ________ is great!” There’s only so many hours in the day, and I want to spend them doing and watching things I enjoy, instead of just barely getting through things that aren’t compelling or interesting to me. And there’s so many options available now that you can even like two zombie shows (iZombie and The Walking Dead), and still have one or more you ignore entirely (Fear The Walking Dead)! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off in the corner mainlining all the episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as I continue my latest obsession.

Episode 117 – Review Corner!

Review Corner time! From waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy back in October, before Brent got hitched! So here is a time machine to some books you’ve probably read and forgotten about by now…

Superman #701
Legion of Superheroes #1
Haunt #7
Wolverine #1
Thor #610
Star Trek: Wrath of Khan #1
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1
Morning Glories #1
Kick-Ass 2 #1

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